Interim management in maritime and shipping

The shipping sector is playing an increasingly important role globally. This is due to both the growing demand for products and the redefinition of sustainability. With an increasing trend towards E2E delivery, shipping is no longer just about braving the oceans. Terminals, inland waterways and storage and transhipment all play a part in a rapidly changing sector.
Traditional ship financing methods have been eroded and private equity is on the rise. In addition, increasing regulations in areas such as emission controls, port security and working methods and new techniques such as AI and BI are all having a major impact on the future of the sector. Whether it’s at seaports, shipbuilding and repair yards, in ship management or connected to offshore services for renewable and fossil fuel extraction, the sector is facing major challenges. Our extensive network includes interim leaders and top specialists with the right leadership qualities to tackle these challenges for your organisation.

Suitable interim managers within 48 hours

Thanks to our specialist interim management organisation, our strong network, personal approach and speed of action, we guarantee to nominate suitable interim managers to you within 48 hours of your application. This way you are assured of the right interim leader in no time, so that your company can swiftly set the right course.

Interim managers with knowledge of maritime and shipping

With an eye on the future, our experienced interim management consultants provide your organisation with fast and effective interim management. In the maritime and shipping sector, we have extensive experience in the following functional areas and segments.

Our interim management maritime and shipping specialists