Interim management in paper and packaging

A number of major developments are taking place within the paper and packaging industry. The focus is on smart, interactive packaging and luxury personalised packaging. In addition, sustainability and the development of optimally recyclable packaging are of increasing importance. Operating in the face of these changes is certainly not an easy task. However, the industry is committed to making a contribution to a better world. The developments in the sector offer both challenges and opportunities and require a clear vision and solid interim leadership. Thanks to our extensive network in the sector, we can always provide the interim manager, director or senior specialist that suits your organisation.

Suitable interim managers within 48 hours

Thanks to our specialist interim management organisation, our strong network, personal approach and speed of action, we guarantee to nominate suitable interim managers to you within 48 hours of your application. This way you are assured of the right interim leader in no time, so that your company can swiftly set the right course.

Interim managers with knowledge of paper and packaging

With an eye on the future, our experienced interim management consultants provide your organisation with fast and effective interim management. In paper & packaging, we have extensive experience in the following functional areas and segments.

Our interim management paper and packaging specialists