Executive search in sales and business development

Whether you operate in a retail (B2C) or corporate sales (B2B) environment, you need a strong sales force to offset competition and secure the market share you are vying for. Sales executives must combine tactical know-how and strategic vision to drive increased value from existing client relationships, to explore new opportunities and penetrate new customer groups, both within existing markets and across geographic boundaries. They must be able to lead from the front, fostering a strong sales culture and developing and inspiring high quality teams focused on delivering results.

We offer executive search for positions such as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Vice President Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Director, Commercial Director, Director of Business Development, Business Development Director, Head of Sales, Senior Sales Manager, Commercial Manager, Business Development Manager, Head of Business Development.

Your headhunters with knowledge of sales and business development

Our experienced sales and business development executive search consultants (aka headhunters) ensure that your organisation faces the future with confidence with leadership that fits. In sales and business development, we have extensive experience in searching for the right leaders in the following industries and segments.

Our executive search sales and business development specialists